Creating space to pause, reflect and share experiences with dying and death

About the Reflection Room®

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About the Reflection Room®

Storytelling is at the heart of the human experience.

While dying and death is an individual experience, our stories reveal a common narrative. Stories are about being human. They allow us to see the similarities, accept comfort, express gratitude or regret, learn and grow.

We have provided The Reflection Room® as an opportunity for you to reflect. If you like, you can write about your experiences with dying and death. The Reflection Room® is also an opportunity for others to read other people’s reflections.

We hope you find this a positive experience. If you think reflecting will cause you discomfort or negative feelings, simply take advantage of the website and enjoy!

Who we are
We are a team of researchers working to improve end-of-life care. We are studying whether reflection and storytelling are positive for people who have experienced a death. We also want to know if reading stories is positive helps thinking about dying and death.

What we will do
We will be collecting all the Reflections that people leave on We will analyze them to find out the kinds of reflections people leave. We may include what people write (or parts) in publications, conference presentations, and in education materials.

So….. if you want your reflection to remain anonymous on, don’t include your name or the names of other the people. If you don’t mind the names being published, feel free to include them. Or you can write a reflection and tell us not to publish it on We’ll consider it as part of our research, but it won’t be made public.

We also have a brief survey if you would kindly fill it in whether you read stories, write your own reflection, or nothing at all!

If you would like to receive a copy of the final results of this research study click here and we will send you a report on the results when they ready….

Thank you,
Paul Holyoke, Barry Stephenson, Rosemary Georges, Elizabeth Kalles

This study is funded through the SE Research Centre (
If you have questions about the research or about your role in it, please feel free to contact the researchers at
The Research Ethics Board at Southlake Regional Health Centre reviewed this research. It is in compliance with Southlake Regional Health Centre’s ethics policy.  If you have concerns about how you have been treated or your rights, contact the research ethics board administrator. Telephone: 905-895-4521, ext. 6237  Email: