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When it is your time, you have to get off

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When it is your time, you have to get off

Three years ago, I lost my baby son at the age of 19 ½ years in an accident.

I am still grieving but I am thankful that as a mother and family, we gave him the best in life – love, education, travel, language, moral ethical principles allowing him to grow into a fine young man.

When I reflect, I honour that we are all on the same train going the same direction, but when it is your stop, you have to get off.

I continue to support my family – husband and children – through our grieving journey. Our guardian angel is here smiling on us – the soul is eternal.

“Tears for those who love with their eyes, but there is no separation from those who love with their hearts and soul.”  – Rumi

But we are humans and we have emotions too…