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This is where she stayed

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This is where she stayed

As an RN working at the hospital I was asked to head to the ICU department to bring a pt back to our palliative floor as the family had made the decision to take an EOL approach. I went with a college to bring our pt back as we did the majority of the family opted to go home/shower/rest as they had been up for the better part of 2 days with their father. Our pts wife did not leave but came with us and helped with the transfer. When we got our pt settled, we the nurses asked his wife what we could do for her. All she wanted was to be with her husband. So at this point we were all ready to make this happen. He was a big/tall man that took up most of the bed but we were able to erect just enough room to help his wife climb into bed and lay with him. This is where she stayed for the next hr and was able to be with him as he took his last breath. As a care giver this touched me as I could see myself wanting to do the same thing with my husband and that I was able to give this to this women and that she was able to be with her husband while he passed in the way she wanted.