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He had all of his final wishes

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He had all of his final wishes

My grandpa was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer initially in the spring of 2014. He had surgery and was cancer free for over 2 years. He was re-diagnosed in July 2016, the oncologist gave him 1 year to live. He became depressed and was focusing on how much time he had left. On December he had 2 heart attacks (minor), he was able to go home. January 29, 2017 he fell in the kitchen and broke his femur. I met the ambulance at the hospital. His first words to me were “I’ve been praying that I could fall asleep and not wake up, I think this is the answer to my prayers.” January 30 he went for surgery (hoping he would pass away in surgery), he went to ICU post op on life support. January 31 they took him off life support, he was alert, though tired. The Dr. said he was in heart failure, the medications were the only thing keeping him alive. Our whole family got to spend the day with him telling stories and jokes. At 20:30 he decided to stop the meds, we made sure he was heavily sedated. He fell asleep in death at 22:30. He had all of his final wishes, he didn’t want to die at home, he wanted to be sleeping and pain.


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