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We talked and my heart ached for him

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We talked and my heart ached for him

I remember Adina, one of my clients very close to death when I began visiting her. As it was, I went, perhaps, all of 3 times before I was told she had passed away. She was dying of breast cancer and her right arm was hugely swollen with lymphedema. She dozed the whole time, my first visit, I felt like I was invading her privacy, to be there when she was so vulnerable. However, her son needed someone to talk to. I could see how lonely and hurting he was, overwhelmed by the impending death of his mom. We talked and my heart ached for him. I saw Adina had Masters of Divinity from McMaster University; the degree was hanging on her living room wall. The next time I came, I brought a book of healing prayers I’d found at the public library. During our time together, I read these beautiful prayers out loud. They were from all faiths. When I was leaving, I said goodbye to her and saw she had slightly raised her left arm off the mattress to wave goodbye to me. This woman who didn’t have any energy to talk was acknowledging my presence in such a meaningful gesture, letting me know she had heard and appreciated my effort to make a difference. I was so deeply touched.

HH_I could see how lonely and hurting he was