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She left us two weeks after her 15th birthday

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She left us two weeks after her 15th birthday

…it was 12 years ago. She was my beautiful niece… a beautiful ballet dancer… she left us 2 weeks after her 15th birthday having fought for her life for a year with an aggressive germ cell ovarian CA.

…the prognosis changed quickly but her mom & dad were not made aware. They thought they had far more months with her. She died within a week… so important things were not discussed… they needed information about what to expect…it came after her death…the nurse arrived to pronounce and didn’t ask permission to go into the sacred space… the family have grieved her but celebrated her name (?)…ritual balloon release a year…

The smudging ceremony assisted us to write down out longings for her before she died.

…nothing, not even time can take away the pain of losing her but healing happened over time…always missed…forever transformed, I wear her wherever I go… je me souviens my dear sweet angel.

Ask to go into the sacred space.

Give info early… prepare the way… parents are experts, include them.