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I still remember, vividly, our time together

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I still remember, vividly, our time together

My grandmother passed away more than 20 years ago but I still remember, vividly, our time together, as a family, making all the arrangements for her funeral. Both daughters, all her grandchildren (5), and even some of the older grand-children went to the funeral home & assisted in choosing the casket and vault.

She, somehow, managed to have us all over to her little one bedroom senior apartment for family meals which she prepared all by herself. She cared very much about family.

Even in her death, it brought us closer together, as a family, in the preparations for our final farewell to her.

Her death, although sad, brought more strength and closeness between us all. We know that she continues to love us from wherever she is and we are ever grateful to have had her in our lives.

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