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We hear your cries, feel your loss

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We hear your cries, feel your loss

Through my years of caregiving and nursing it is only now that I pause to reflect on the times that I have had the honor of being with those who have died holding my hand. Some deaths have been peaceful and others more trying, I have shed many a tear and tried to distance myself as I feel the family is the one who needs our support at this time yet there were many times when I questioned who was supporting us the nurses, the caregivers and all persons involved in the care for the person we were caring for…………..then I see a site like this. A safe place to express my personal feelings in a safe zone and then a revelation hits……………….it’s ok for me to feel sad to grieve to care and to start providing the same care to someone else that needs me or I should say us. To all the patients, friends and family that have experienced loss you are not alone, your nurses and all the staff care, we hear your cries, feel your loss and grieve with you.



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